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Yoga works as a medicine that give relief to your mind. Bally Chohan yoga may transforms your body completely and make you free from disease; and after performing various asana you can feel the change in yourself. Many people may think that doing yoga is wastage of time as yoga takes some time to give the benefit and late result may discourage individuals but Bally Chohan Yoga provides instant result that’s too free of cost and without any hard work. In order to rejuvenate your body and to boost up your creativity and intuition, our yoga is internally reflective.

Bally Chohan maintains a regular chart that our clients have to follow and we consider your health as our responsibility. We provide free services and conduct various campaigns in order to make other aware that all the expenses that you make for gym in order to keep you body healthy and wealthy may provide you short term effect but yoga that cost nothing provide you long term happiness that remains with you forever. In this hectic and tensed environment it is very difficult to keep your mind peaceful, which causes sometimes lack of patience, concentration and control. In our busy life we can't remain same in all conditions that decrease capacity of our mind. The only solution for this is Yoga that will help you to change your life style even in this highly tensed environment.

Baljinder Chohan Yoga is nothing but cessation of actions and motions that completely transforms your body. Our Fitness and Yoga Experts says that daily sip of yoga make subtler to subtler sensations in your body. Once you understand the language rules of yoga thereafter you can write thesis of its postures.

Bally Chohan Yoga Lineage is an amalgam of different yoga philosophies as well as yoga beliefs and under expert guidance we offer overwhelming and intimidated service to all our clients who have true quest to practice yoga and are ready to make this practice as their daily routine. Secret of your life is hidden behind your daily routine, manage your routine in the way you like and make your life in the way you want.

Bally Chohan Yoga offers special classes to the people who suffer from hazardous diseases like cancer, asthma etc. and make them believe that yoga is the magic stick that takes all their sorrows. A pregnant lady can even practice yoga with our experts who actually offer free classes for expectant mothers. We conduct yoga campaigns all around world as well as conduct yoga events to make people feel mesmerize.

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Products and Services of Bally Chohan Yoga Lineage

  • Bally Chohan UK

    Free Yoga Classes

    Baljinder Chohan Yoga Sphere provides free yoga classes so that people can easily afford and avail this facility. Technically sound experts may provide you training and make all concepts clear in your mind so that fear of yoga may fly miles away from your mind. You may spend lot money on various gyms and get only the satisfaction in your mind nothing more than that but yoga that we are providing you for free may improve you health and you can see the results yourself. By following our schedule you can easily link with us and can practice yoga at any time you prefer of that may match your time. We run a large number of classes starting from 6am to 4 pm; join any class that may suites you better. Your better health may satisfy our motto.

  • bally chohan UK

    Yoga CD's and Books

    We made various books and DVD available to you that is written by yoga experts and by following it completely you can even practice yoga at your home that to be without any injuries. You can easily avail this facility in lower cost. Book includes the detailed description of all the asana and how they are responsible in transforming your body as well as pros and cons of doing yoga. After seeing our DVD you can easily practice yoga at your home as each and every step is crystal clear that you would not face any problem .you must be clear of the fact that one can slowly and steadily wins the race same as with yoga classes, in DVD classes are planned in such a way that one can easily practice and it would not be too typical for the practioner.

  • bally chohan yoga services

    Yoga Certification Course

    Bally Chohan yoga organization is a group of experts who are technically trained and are aware of each and every yoga technique. This organization conducts various certification courses so that a person who is trained in performing yoga can get a platform because even if a person is trained in each and every asana would not get fame until he/she is certified by any organization their capability would be nil till then. Our experts may conduct various certification courses so that their talent can be utilized to the large extent otherwise they are considered as good for nothing. We provides you cost-effective and most valuable certification that you can use anywhere in the entire world.

  • Bally Chohan yoga benefits

    Free consultation

    Our expert Baljinder Chohan is always ready to extend any kind of help. All the questions that may rise in mind of people may get answers here. Diseases like cancer, kidney failure etc that is even beyond the limit of doctors but yoga can be the last treatment are you can consult to our experts that can provide you best possible treatment. Consultation time is 9am to 2 pm with no prior appointment. You can reach to us during this time limit we will be there for your help. We provide you free consultation and wont charge anything but provides you satisfying services as your satisfaction our goal. Not only the topics related to diseases but you can ask anything related to yoga like if you face any injury, way to have the perfect posture.

  • bally chohan

    Bally Chohan Yoga campaigns UK

    Campaign is a medium that can even connect the whole world in one single voice. Various people from the entire world meet together at one ground and they can discuss their problems, their suffering, and various benefits of yoga. We conduct free campaign on Saturday and Sunday that to from 8am to 6pm in whole UK as our firm is not restricted within small boundaries but is widespread in UK. Bally Chohan Yoga main aim is to reach these corners or raise our voice to the extent so that it can be audible to the whole world. our main aim is to tie a knot between yoga and people and this knot may be more strong in these days.For sure yoga works slowly but the results are mind blowing and everlasting.

  • bally chohan Yoga Tips

    Bally Chohan Club Events

    Different training is provided to the different age groups including child yoga, parental yoga, yoga for elders and lots more. If you attend this campaign you would feel the change yourself for sure. Bally Chohan Yoga conduct these type of campaigns on Saturday and Sunday as children get time on these days even men get off from the offices on these days as well as women is also free from their hectic schedule on these days, our main aim is to tie a knot between yoga and people and this knot may be more strong in these days. For each event theme is decided and according to that theme only all the activities would carry on whether it would include arrangement of DJ, visuals, percussionists or lots more.

  • Bally Chohan Yoga Services

    Equipments and props to practice Bally Chohan Yoga

    Now a days people started talking about Yoga, that was originated in India 5000 years ago. Yoga never depend upon age, could be done by everyone, very useful for everyone's health & fitness. Yoga would give you relief for any specific physical condition & make your lifestyle more confortable. Bally Chohan has provided training for Yogas, Asanas, in India for more than 20 years, having great Yoga trick which made many persons healthy those were suffering from highly typical physical as well as mental problems. Yoga is easiest way to keep yourself healthy without spend heavy money. Neccessaries are:

    Equipments are listed below:

    • Towel
    • Blanket
    • Mats
    • Blocks
    • Straps

  • bally chohan UK

    Bally Chohan Yoga campaigns UK

    Bally Chohan Yoga services conducts a campaign about spreading awareness of positive and rapidly growing form of exercise i.e. yoga. This program is carried out under the supervision of group of technically trained yoga gurus of our company. Bally Chohan Yoga main aim is to reach these corners or raise our voice to the extent so that it can be audible to the whole world.

    We are going to organise following events:

    • Fit 4 Free Campaign - 25-03-2014
    • Bally Yoga Campaign at UK - 10-04-2014
    • London Yoga Cycling Campaign - 19-05-2014
    • Bally UK Yoga Campaign - 04-06-2014
    • Eye Campaign at Glasgow - 15-07-2014

  • bally chohan club events

    Bally Chohan Club Events

    Bally Chohan Club organizes various events that are beyond the limits of Yoga Class or we can say that extends the functionality of yoga class. By organizing various events we can create a friendly environment. These events are organized once in a month or two. For each event theme is decided and according to that theme all the activities would carry on whether it includes arrangement of DJ, visuals, percussionists or lots more.

    Events consist of various competition:

    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Swimming
    • Football
    • Basketball .... and much more