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The Yoga is just a practice to physical body, mental and spiritual that transform not only body but mind too. The word Yoga is derived from the meaning of “Yoking Together” but applied as “Yoking” of body and mind. Many people think that doing yoga is wastage of time as yoga takes some time to give the benefit and late result may discourage individuals but Bally Chohan Yoga provides instant result that’s too free of cost and without any hard work. In order to rejuvenate your body and to boost up your creativity and intuition, our yoga is internally reflective. Yoga works as a medicine that give relief to your mind. Bally Chohan yoga may transforms your body completely and make you free from disease; and after performing various asana you can feel the change in yourself and your personality too.

Many studies have tried to determine the effectiveness of yoga as a complementary intervention for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma, and heart disease.

Experts at Bally Chohan Yoga have come up with an exercise routine that will help you in fighting several hazardous diseases. We at consider your health as our top priority and this is the only reason for us to provide free yoga classes at Baljinder Chohan Yoga Lineage.

Distance is no problem. No problem if in case you live at some faraway place and cannot visit personally our ashram to attend class. We provide online yoga classes and if in case no internet facility is available to your place than we will couriers specially designed yoga DVD’s for you.

We conduct also free camps all around the world. Therefore feel free to ask anything and get your heath problem solved with our health experts. They will provide best possible answer to all your queries and assist you with proper guidance.

Baljinder Chohan Yoga Guru

Experts at Bally Chohan Yoga frequently conduct yoga camps to spread health awareness. The experts emphasize on the fact that your health is your biggest wealth. You can hit gym also but gym only has short term effect on your body. Whereas doing regular yoga benefits your body for longer period. We at Bally Chohan Yoga have come up with some very simple asana that can be performed without disrupting you daily routine. In this fast going scenario, hectic schedule, more pressure of work, busy time it is somewhat next to impossible to take out time for exercise. Therefore the asana suggested by Bally Chohan Yoga exerts are best and can be performed anywhere and at anytime.

Yoga is an ultimate solution to your each and every problem. You can even Collect free DVD’s from Baljinder Chohan Yoga Lineage and perform all yoga asanas at your home.

Baljinder Chohan Yoga is nothing but cessation of actions and motions that completely transforms your body. Our Fitness and Yoga Experts says that daily sip of yoga make subtler to subtler sensations in your body. Once you understand the language rules of yoga thereafter you can write thesis of its postures.

Bally Chohan Yoga Lineage is an amalgam of different yoga philosophies as well as yoga beliefs and under expert guidance we offer overwhelming and intimidated service to all our clients who have true quest to practice yoga and are ready to make this practice as their daily routine. Secret of your life is hidden behind your daily routine, manage your routine in the way you like and make your life in the way you want.

Bally Chohan Yoga offers special classes to the people who suffer from hazardous diseases like cancer, asthma etc. and make them believe that yoga is the magic stick that takes all their sorrows. A pregnant lady can even practice yoga with our experts who actually offer free classes for expectant mothers. We conduct yoga campaigns all around world as well as conduct yoga events to make people feel mesmerize.