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Bally Chohan Yoga Care

Yoga works as a medicine that gives relief to your mind. Bally Chohan yoga may change your body completely and make you free from disease and after performing various asana you can feel the change in yourself and your personality too.

Trainers of our Institute have come up with an exercise routine that will help you in fighting several hazardous diseases. We consider your health as our top priority and this is the only reason behind us to provide free yoga training and fitness classes.

We show a customary, precise and simple to-learn framework that goes for commonly accomplishing the objective through making a sound body and mind that prompts profound inclusion. Yoga is the most valuable legacy.



Our beginning class is calm basic, quiet and very simple. We continue expanding levels of activity in an orderly regulated manner. You have to work under the direction of Yoga mentors who are exceptionally qualified and steady amid your whole voyage of learning Yoga. Our social event is contained individuals that affection yoga.


Bally Chohan yoga Care is located in 6 Albemarle Road, Buckingham UK. Street parking is challenging so it is HIGHLY recommended that you use public transit. There is ample motorcycle parking, so if you can please use 2 wheels!


Bally Chohan's Yoga studio itself is 5000 sqft. Our main yoga room is 2000 sqft located in the back of the studio. We placed the main room away from the street to provide peaceful, quiet oasis for your practice. Being in the room you forget that hustle and bustle of the world and are not bothered by street traffic.