Life Changing Hacks: YOGA

Posted on, 4 September 2015

Yoga is a derived word from “yuj” which means union of soul with the consciousness or with the spirit of hard work. Many people think that yoga is meant only for physical exercises like stretching, turning and twisting the body in very complex ways. But yoga can also be adopted to keep your disturbed mind to a relaxed one through meditation. Regular practices of yoga have brought remarkable lifestyle changes in the practitioners.

There are so many ‘The Art of Living Programs’ have been started in almost every country. The wisdoms and techniques of yoga are taught here in these programs in a very purely, thoroughly and joyful manner.

There so many different types of yoga’s practiced in everybody’s day to day life. There are as follows:

    1. Hatha Yoga: It helps to shutter all your tensions after a long hectic working day. It’s perfect exercise for beginners.
    2. Vinyasa Yoga: It is the post popular style practiced in United States.
    3. Kundalini Yoga: It requires lots of core work on your abs and around the spine to sit more than usual day.
    4. Ashtanga Yoga: This exercise is made for the sports persons ex-male of female athlete that requires lots of stamina to hold it for long.
    5. Iyengar Yoga: If you are looking for a physical therapy, then go ahead with this practice.
    6. Restorative Yoga: This exercise is done for the connection of your mind with your body. It is practiced with props or any support.

Choosing a yoga style totally depends on your lifestyle, such as power yoga, prenatal yoga, hot yoga, relaxation yoga, etc. There are plenty of options available to satisfy your needs and goals.

If you are a beginner, Hatha yoga would be great for you to focus on your basic postures at a comfortable pace and environment. If you want to increase your strength, switch to power yoga. There are so many online tutorials on yoga according to your body requirements are made available by so many yoga studios.

Yoga helps in incredible benefits resulting into great flexibility and unbeatable strength. Each and every pose of yoga is built to reinforce the muscles around the spine, which is the core part of the body from which everything else operates. Yoga is an endless practice that has no limits, no rules and regulations.

So, start adopting your yoga habits from now to live a peaceful and healthy life ahead.