Products And Services Of Bally Chohan Yoga Care

Services offered by Bally Chohan Yoga vary from individual yoga training to mass Yoga camps. We have well trained yoga instructors who can be trusted to employ them for an individual training. Individual Yoga training by Bally Chohan costs $ 50 per day. Instructor is appointed to visit your place daily. He / She will ensure visits without break at a particular time. The minimum commitment to employ Yoga instructor is that of six month.

We also conduct various mass yoga camps. During this year itself the ashram has conducted camps at New Delhi, Dubai, London, Toronto, Singapore and New Jersey. The schedule of upcoming Yoga camps can be confirmed by visiting our website or by contacting us at

Our Yoga experts will soon be launching their videos on YouTube and the DVD’s of Yoga by Bally Chohan will be available in the market world over.

Our Core Services

Free Yoga Classes

Bally Chohan Yoga Care gives free yoga classes so individuals can undoubtedly bear the cost of and benefit this office. Our specialists give you preparing and make all ideas clear in your psyche so that apprehension of yoga may fly miles far from your brain.

Yoga CD's And Books

We made different books and DVD accessible to you that is composed by yoga specialists and by tailing it totally you can even practice yoga at your home that to be with no wounds. You can without much of a stretch benefit this office in lower expense.

Certification Courses

Bally Chohan yoga Care conducts various certification courses so that a person who is trained in performing yoga can get a platform, fame and become stable in the society by providing yoga training to others.

Yoga Campaigns

Campaign is a medium that can even connect the whole world in one single voice. Various people from the entire world meet together at one ground and they can discuss their problems, their suffering, and various benefits of yoga.

Club Events

Different training is provided to the different age groups including child yoga, parental yoga, yoga for elders and lots more. If you attend this campaign you would feel the change yourself for sure.

Equipments And Props

Now a days people started talking about Yoga, that was originated in India 5000 years ago. Yoga never depend upon age, could be done by everyone, very useful for everyone's health and fitness.