Yoga- A Remedy For Stress

Posted on, 18 May 2016

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga, a sage of India's ancient innovation that is even officially implemented by India's prime minister. So talking in brief about yoga, we should know what it is? Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word, implies 'Union' that here means union between soul and spirit. Another key in the science of yoga, which some misunderstand same as yoga is 'Meditation', which means a state of awareness or consciousness.

Yoga acts as a medicine that benefits you 'Relief'. It changes your daily life, resisting you from disease and after performing various asanas you can feel the change in yourself and your personality as well.

Yoga and meditation were designed to move together, as Yoga helps in strengthening the body while the meditation helps to get the body for yoga. This act of the body is scientifically so beneficial that no gym, other workouts, even fruits or any remedies can be proved like that.

Today's traffic, environment, eatables are so extremely polluted that living in this stressful impure environment doesn't seem to be hassle free. As a result of which all body trainers, doctors prefer to go with yoga for our brains to have a relief. Even some researchers have proved that many breathing, brain diseases and even some specific cancers can be treated by yoga. That's how beneficial yoga can be proved.

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